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not only for agencies and promoters of classical music

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What AgencyProf can do for you.</p>
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Managing appointments 

- Status of engagements: asked, reserved, booked, planned, ...  

- Calendar  



- Orchestra, artists, agencies, promoters  

- Suppliers, hotels, customers, coworkers, ... expand as you like  

- Contacts and dynamic backrounddata 

- Communicate by fax, letters, mail.  

- Create any document you wish with your projects, dates und addresses:  

    calculations, fees, travelcosts, hotelstays,  

    use different taxes and rates.  

- Contacthistory  

- Stageplans  

- Currencies 

List of classical works, last updates    

    Handle and print programmes for use in projects and appointments / engagements. 

    Works with different casts  



- Publish projects / appointments in different formats: document, HTML, CSV  

- Use of MySQL possible 



- ToDos, reminders and alarms 



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